Lecture Hall


Comes in either Stackable Chairs or Multiple Seats.
RM 120 for each Stackable Chair
RM 350 for each seat of Multiple Seats
In polyproylene shell
With writing tablet
With epoxy coated base


With a choice of side chair or multiple chairs.
RM 127 for Side Chair.
RM NO PRICE for multiple chairs


RM 415 per seat
In fabric upholstery.
With writing tablet.
With epoxy coated base.


With optional flip tablet or swing down tablet.
RM 125 for Side Chair.
RM 172 for Side Chair with flip tablet.
RM 257 for Side Chair with swing down tablet.


With a choice of Multiple Chairs or Individual Chair
RM 465 for individual chair.
RM 365 per seat for multiple chairs
Comes with flip up tablet.
In polyproylene shell.

With steel base.


Color : Yellow, Red, Blue, Dark Green
RM 303 per seat
Comes with a swing down tablet.