who is stronger yamcha or krillin

December 25, 2020

'. On top of that, he is the official successor to Master Roshi in the Dragon Ball Online MMO, which Akira Toriyama supervised (with Tenshinhan being the successor to Master Shen), so I personally believe Krillin is superior as a … Don't say that other is out of his mind, when you don't know anything what you are talking about. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Because honestly speaking, my point still stands. Krillin is really strong, he may be weakening towards the end of the series, but during tournaments and especially on Namek, Krillin has shown a huge amount of strength and what has Yamcha done? Exactly. ''''''', ''''''''''venció a la mierda de goku con él. 1 decade ago. hes la razón pilaf no ganó. After the Cell Games Krillin stopped training and got married. This topic is locked from further discussion. Even if power level would mean diffrent status in dbz, a guy who has bigger powerlevel can beat a Guy with with lower powerlevel. … The tribeam is stated in panel to be superior to the kamehameha. But yet physically wise he was inferior to Goku. He cant beat alien being with super strength. In the original Dragon Ball. Krillins power level is offically ovet 10 000 in Ginuy saga. Genyosai, Nov 3, 2010 #91. Even if krillins ki output wouldn't be same level as goku's his physical stats would. luego dijo que puede tener sobre el resto, al mismo tiempo. Tien ~ Kurrin. Follow 17049. piccolo would be stronger if yamcha was trunks's dad. Cell easily maneuvered around him. @deathhero61: it's called potency dbz as a matter of fact revolves around it. The fact that you are comparing 7desdly sins to dbz is personally hilarious, firstly because no two series are the same and secondly their concept of power levels is divided into power, magic and strength and sprite. I'm talking about these guys Yamcha Roshi Tien Krillin 18 17 Goten Kid Trunks Videl Hercule Piccolo I think by the end of the original series, the only non Saiyan who could take on someone stronger than Frieza was Piccolo. 0. he did use kamehameha to defeat a saibaman. and he only died twice. Fuck Uub! In the name of fairness, this entry pits Krillin against arguably his worst enemy without any beneficial conditions. Es un hecho conocido que Krillin iba a ganar. estaba junto a Krilin cuando luchó contra los jrs celular. in the 23 budokai tenkaichi, for me are the same shit, they lost with a stronger oponent, and if yamcha and krillin could had been in the site of the other, the result would be the same and the fight will be similar if the fights had been yamcha vs piccolo and krillin vs shen. While Krillin continues to grow, Yamcha seems to regress with each new appearance. Who was your favorite human fighter?I have to say Yamcha, he's so damn cool. That means, that he is stronger than Goku in saiyan saga without kaioken. 9 Vegeta: He's Strong Enough To Protect Her From Anything For an Earthling, Yamcha's pretty strong, despite not getting the credit he deserves. Gen. El riesgo de otros como él en todo momento y luchó celular dos veces. A charging energy blast that has destroyed the moon. and who knows how many other techniques? Namekian Fusion 21:23, June 23, 2011 (UTC), Definitly Yamcha cuz hes got the WOLF FANG FIST! Bro this is spite. hes the reason pilaf didnt win. In movies and filler Krillin is always portrayed a weak, scared useless little bald guy, and he is most of the times even portrayed weaker than Yamcha ( while Yamcha is for some reason equal to Tien, which is also wrong as HFIL). Krillin’s power level was already 75,000 before his recent training in Dragon Ball Super, courtesy of being the only human who got his potential unlocked by Guru on Namek. And if your only argumentti was, that I am morlon, you shouldn't really reply me again. Reviews: 0. Yamcha sin duda merece un lugar entre los Z-Fighters. I don't think you understand at all. Despite all of the memes about how he would lose to everyone he battles Yamcha is pretty powerful. Tien, on the other hand, was stronger than Jeice and Burter one-on-one. 4 years ago That means ABC logic. Krillin killed three Saibaman with one blast, and Yamcha is a bit above Raditz's level when he fought the Saibaman. Krilin: (Suspira y tiende la mano) Yamcha: (implosión). ... Tien Yamcha Krillin and Piccolo and trying to stop cell with beams, and Cell sends them all flying with a burst of enegry and the order that they go in is - Yamcha, Krillin, Tien Then Piccolo. ssj_god. Yamcha at 1,480. plus hes got like 4 ft on kirllin, Why you be trollin? Later in the series Yamcha and Krillin both became amazingly strong, but Krillin got a lot stronger than Yamcha. The point of that comparison is that Power Levels don't mean everything. 4) Krillin couldn't even budge Second Form Cell. Ki is not equivalent to physical strength. Krillin in the tournament of power shows us some impressive feats and how much he was improved over the years. -NO Inconsistent feats for speed or power & Use current manga feats for luffy and zoro. @unbiasedrodger: Do you care to give an explanation for why you're putting two people above moon level against Luffy and Zoro? Okay. Creo que todos los otros mensajes que explicar a fondo. Yamcha already soloed krillin , watch the video. but yamcha is the reason that oozaru goku didnt destroy the world. Probably my favorite character in the se Para ser justos, Krilin solo murió tres veces (estoy ignorando deliberadamente GT). In the Bojack movie Tien was on par with Trunks while Krillin was too busy being scared by the fact that Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, and Gohan were in the tournament. See the guy bellow? Still, it didn't take long for his power to seem insignificant against villains like Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. The only edge Roshi had was skill. Just some things I wanted to point out. Just read the damn post. So, in the last giant beastcast, "they" bring up the discussion of which one is better (quotation added because it was a pretty one sided conversation I think Tien is stronger compared to Yamcha. Tien used to be strongest human in cell saga but yamcha surpassed him in buu saga .. You must be registered for see images Yamcha in buu saga is even far stronger than cell and frieza Yamcha soloed olibu .. Olibu vs pikkon was draw Yamcha was only stronger in dragonball when krillin was a child and by the last season krillin was stronger. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Between Krillin and Tien, it's hard to know. Roshi is very limited, he did well in a tournement where you couldn't kill or fly. But even though he is weaker, I think 23rd WMAT Yamcha could beat 23rd WMAT Krillin, but that is since Krillin was weaker than Kami. True flight, arguably faster or at the very very least on par speed wise, much more ranged attacks with better control, shadow clones... weird >.> but yeah. Tien never stoped training. How are the scans i posted false? Register Start a Wiki 7,606 Pages. He risk his like all the time and fought cell twice. Krillin could lift him and his 500pound boulder using a single finger. Krillin, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha... who's stronger? The series itself has shown us this time and time again that characters can be superior in certain aspects. If Krillin was stronger, Tenshinhan would have … Forum Posts. that was stated by yamcha. Its not as if Akira made some weird mistake in Dragon Ball because the scaling from the beginning of dragon ball to the end of dragon ball was perfect in comparison to Z. So you are admitting that powerlevels in DBZ are unreliable and powerscaling is nearly impossible to use right in DBZ? Krillin.... datos-rte de instancia = "530 5184983514e2f4b3b3a429" href = "/ wiki / Usuario: Firebo14" title = "Usuario: Firebo14"> Firebo14 20:29, 23 de junio de 2011 (UTC) < h2 datos rte-espacios-antes = "1" datos-rte-espacios-después = "1" datos-rte-vacío-lines-antes = "1"> Krillin .... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'm certain, however, that Yamcha is not below 50K, or Tien and Krillin below the 100K. People underestimate krillin way to much, he a human. Krillin killed three Saibaman with one blast, and Yamcha is a bit above Raditz's level when he fought the Saibaman. Ahora no me malinterpreten, yo también soy un gran fan de Yamcha y me gustaría decir Yamcha no es y nunca fue débil. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Lo único que recuerdo de Yamcha es que estaba espiando a Bulma mucho, y eso es mucho decir. '''''''''', ''''''''''Yamcha nunca fue más fuerte que Krillin recuerda, la primera vez que se conocieron Goku y Krilin acaba de terminar su formación y el 3 de ellas participan en el 21 Budoukai Tenkaichi, Goku y Krilin podría derrotar a los enemigos con el dedo (sí, tanto Krilin y Goku, que eran casi iguales en fuerza, incluso con la espalda cola de Goku). he faced jackie chun in the first tourney. Yamcha and Krillin don't have a maneuver nearly as powerful as the Kikiho. En las películas y el relleno Krillin es siempre interpretó a un débil, con miedo inútil calvo poco, y él es la mayoría de las veces, incluso más débil que retrata Yamcha (mientras Yamcha es por alguna razón igual a Tien, que también está mal como HFIL). Since reading is such a difficult process for you. If you can't do that shut the hell up and don't argue with me because you clearly cannot comprehend my argument. I already know what it is. Krillin is the strongest human by the Boo Arc as stated by Yamcha. Chiaotzu is most likely below him, mainly because of portrayal. yamcha es uno de los más fuertes los seres humanos en toda la historia terrestre. Pocket Sack • 17 November 2012 • User blog:Pocket Sack. Who do you think is stronger yamcha tien or krillin? -Skasa I'm just here to offer you advice, take it or leave it. no he said krillin is the strongest earthling. Krillin still isn't on Roshi's level of skill because he stopped fighting for a while. ', 'Incluso si Yamcha ha lobo puño fang, su movimiento maldita único que tiene. Answer Save. Discussion; Bug Reporting; Delete/Combine Pages El inmejorable alienígena con súper fuerza. Que todos parecen olvidar que Yamcha solía ser más fuerte que Krillin. Yamcha got his girl stolen by the prince of all saiyans himself, Vegeta and Krillin marries one of the more stronger women in the entire series and had a family. Even when he was shown to be the strongest over and over again, he wasn't massively stronger. Yamcha and Krillin vs Tien ... pattern would continue, but it's still likely given its maintenance over time, and Tien continuing his training when Yamcha and Krillen stopped. And by the way, Krillin makes great combo moves with Gohan :D. Y, por cierto, Krilin hace grandes movimientos combinados con Gohan: D. And he's bald! While Krillin continues to grow, Yamcha seems to regress with each new appearance. Tien never stoped training. And powerlevel laws in other series aren't really valuable in dbz. Also, powerlevels don't define stats. Who was already close to roshi power level, 139. Dbz characters durability is heavily contributed by their ki. Not exactly saiyan but whatever. If you would know dbz, you would know, that vegeta lowered his power level to let krillin be able to hurt him. Anyway let's look at krillin dragonball feats. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! I don't know what your point was, when you explained something about other serie than dbz, but I can tell you, that it isn't the same as dbz. Even yamcha said that he wouldnt want to fight krillin and if he did that, he would end up loosing. To be fair, Krillin only died 3 times (I'm deliberately ignoring GT). You must be out of your mind if you think krillin as a kid could stand a chance against luffy let alone zoro. Krillin and Yamcha win with ease. And that means that krillin even can hurt someone with moon durability with his melee. He even himself said that! This was taken to the point where Roshi decided to rely on a special technique to knock goku out which failed when Bulma waked him up by the simple call of food, and goku ended up pushing him. Super Kamehameha - A stronger version of the Kamehameha originally developed by Goku. actually...tien started bein stronger than yamcha...then yamcha became as stronger as him...thats the truth....BUT YAMCHA IS WAY MORE COOL ;) . in the saiyan saga, yamcha did a poor intervention, yamcha was killed by a saibaiman, and krillin killed 3 of them, but, in the same way that in the 23 budokai tenkaichi, anyone of them could had been in the site of the other, krillin admitted that he could had been the man that was killed by the saibaiman, if the saibaiman blew himself up with krillin, krillin could been the idiot, and yamcha, was very relaxed in his fight, he could killed all the saibaiman too. No es yamcha molestaría pelear con él. Ravelle. A non existing factor in dbz plvs. Also energy reserve of 7ds attacks by magical artifacts can never be related to something as simple as ki blasts. AdviceMan 1 day ago #21. The tournament was held After training Goku. Tien was able to keep cell down which krillin could not. If that was the case on the Kai Planet Goku wouldn't have struggled with 40 tonnes in his base form. Now don't get me wrong, I'm also a huge Yamcha fan and I would like to say Yamcha is not and never was weak. ', 'Even if Yamcha has wolf fang fist, its the only freaking move he has. -Fight takes place at the World Tournament and the prizes are meat, women, money, & alcohol. He, just like Goku and Krillin, went through the participants of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai with ease, but Goku and Krillin went through it without trying. Krillin was a comic relief gag character who was constantly getting embarassed. That means ABC logic. I admit, he was pretty awesome with the Wolf Fang Fist, but I think it's not enough to win to Krillin's intelligence, strength and speed. '''', '''''''Krillin has destructo disk, solar flare, kamehameha, and who knows how many other techniques (in my opinion one of Krillins specialties is his mastery over multiple techniques) ''''''', '''''''And all Yamucha does it act like hes such a bad ass, use wolf fang fist, then get himself killed (if you cant tell yamucha is my least favorite character) ''''''', ''''''''''you do know that he NEVER used wolf fang fist in dbz. Comments Krillin’s power level was already 75,000 before his recent training in Dragon Ball Super, courtesy of being the only human who got his potential unlocked by Guru on Namek. Él, al igual que Goku y Krilin, pasó por los participantes de la 21 ª Budoukai Tenkaichi con facilidad, pero Goku y Krilin fue a través de ella, sin tratar. I think all the other posts explain it thoroughly. in the namek saga, yamcha trained in king kai's planet, and krillin incresed his power with Saichoro, but with or without the part that yamcha defeated reecom, yamcha is stronger, the king kai's training incresed x20 his power, goku incresed his power from 400 to 8000 (x20 ), and piccolo, in the saiyan saga have 2,500, when he arrived to namek, nail with 42,000 was impressed by the power of piccolo, presumably the power was over 50.000 ( x 20 ), in this order, yamcha got a power of 30.000 aprox, because he had a power of 1500 aprox. 3. 2) Tien defeated Goku in the tournament in which Tien turned good after Goku had defeated Krillin. Krillin has six small dots on his forehead and a monk-like orange gi as a child. Look at trunks and vegeta during the cell saga. in the 22 budokai tenkaichi, yamcha is stronger, because he learn the kame hame ha faster than krillin, and krillin was very impresed by the power and velocity of yamcha, yamcha fought with a strongest oponent that krillin, and for me, krillin was weaker than Chaoz, and only wins with his inteligence. If you ignore potency ssj2 Gohan would be killed by a wall level blast. 'no dijo Krillin es el más fuerte terrícola. not that yamcha wouldnt fight him. No other series abuses it(or at least attempts to) as much as dbz. And IF krillin can beat saiyan saga Goku, or even Nappa, I'm pretty sure, that he can beat luffy or zoro. Goku was destroying Nappa with his melee, when on other hand piccolo, who busted a moon with his KI BLAST, couldn't even hurt Nappa with his ki blasts. Look at Roshi. Dragon Ball is apart of Z. DBZ team takes it. People underestimate the humans so much! I get your point, but you are wrong. Is Yamcha stronger than Krillin at this point? even after power levels were introduced so i don't see why my argument doesn't hold ground. 18 Stronger… I know he has far massive power within him. The only thing I remember from Yamcha is that he was peeping on Bulma a lot, and that's saying something. I'll stay out of this... Also, based on your choice of prizes, Master Roshi solos. Goku was faster than Piccolo overall but he had enough speed to keep up. Scaling doesn't really work with characters like Yamcha and Krillin who show no clear sign of progression. hes the reason they realised androids can absorb energy. He could bust a mountain before he trained goku. yamcha is one of the strongest humans in all of earths history. My gut feeling is to say no, at least for Yamcha and Krillin since both stopped training after the Android saga and neither could do much against any of the androids. The little war machine bellow look pretty tough no? First of all none of the single character in Dragon Ball are ordinary ones, all of them have universal level power capable of destroying planets. At one time, Krillin and Goku were equals, Krillen is still insanely strong and when Freiza was the strongest man in the universe, he still got cut by Krillin. Yamcha beat the invisible man and gone under king kai's training. he STOMPED it. Trunks went beyond a super saiyan(stronger than cell even) but was slow as hell. Frieza) Force, while Yamcha gets left behind with Chaoutzu. Because if you could read you would easily understand my point. By the time Junior appears the earthlings have gotten stronger and the thre of them can outnumber him and make it a pretty certain fight to their side. Krillin acctually intended 23rd world martial arts tournament,and yamcha stopped training in the majin buu saga,this means krillin is stronger...And he is probably stronger than yamcha in all the previous sagas. it was in the budakai tenkaiachi tournament he shot a kamehameha at tien. Absolutely nothing implied Yamcha or any of the other humans are in the millions. The answer is that Yamcha is for sure not near as strong as Krillin and will never be. What is your point exactly? That means that talking to you is pointless. Krillin is the strongest human on Earth that isn't Oob. (Nota: soy el mismo que duró alrededor de Krillin arriba, empezando con: ¿es una broma) ''''''''''''''''''''''''''==. Same about Chiaotzu vs Roshi. Krillin is stronger than Tien even in late DB. And faster, and more agile and potentially more durable and has more endurance. pero yamcha es la razón por la que Oozaru Goku no destruir el mundo. Member. Yamch 80% of Tien/Kurrin. data-rte-instance="530-5184983514e2f4b3b3a429" href="/wiki/User:Abc539" title="User:Abc539">Abc539 16:35, June 29, 2011 (UTC) '''''''''', ''''''''''Yamcha was never stronger than Krillin remember, the first time they met Krillin and Goku just finished their training and the 3 of them were participating in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai, Goku and Krillin could defeat enemies with their finger ( Yes, BOTH Krillin and Goku, they were almost equal in strength even with Goku's tail back.) Krillin killed three Saibaman with one blast, and Yamcha is a bit above Raditz's level when he fought the Saibaman. Scaling but I digress. For those of you attempting to use powerlevels to rep Krillin i want you to read this scan from Nanatsu no taizai, The character gowther gives a good perspective on what powerlevels are. He may not be stronger than Krillin and Tien, but he surpasses other Earthlings like Hercule, Master Roshi, and Chiaotzu. Yamcha could seek out Krillin or Tien as possible sparring partners, but he’d benefit even more if were to train with Goku or Gohan. Krillin is #2 Yamcha is #3. That's going too far. Freezer? During the Budoukai at the start of the Buu Saga, Yamcha is talking to Marron (Kuririn's daughter) and comforts her by telling her that her dad will be fine, because he's the strongest guy in the world. This puts both him and Gohan far above 75,000. Also energy reserve of 7ds attacks by magical artifacts can never be related to something as simple as ki blasts. To be fair, Krillin only died 3 times (I'm deliberately ignoring GT). How Strong is Krillin In The Tournament Of Power. I hopeaa that you are familiar with it, cause I don't start to explane it. Nope it proves that you are having trouble comprehending such simple logic and it also proves you have comprehension issues. Pero él es el más fuerte ser humano en la tierra hasta Uub llegó, pero sí el hombre. For an Earthling, Yamcha's pretty strong, despite not getting the credit he deserves. As we know, when a character trains under a master he then uses that knowledge to train more efficiently, as seen when Goku improves for a while without Roshi, then after Kami, then after King Kai. Krillin was initially introduced as a rival for the young Goku. @saren@god_spawn Krillin in early DBZ was moon level, currently he's easily a planet buster. goku also almost eliminated jiren with a technique he learned from krillin. They can be used to amplify said stats but that doesn't mean its the same damn thing. (ライバル?参上! When has krillin himself even came close to showing that level of output? Naruto runs out of Chakra. And by the way power levels are officals all the way on the end of Frieza saga. He was never stronger than Krillin. Or punch out a planet with his fist. Wiki Points. I believe him cutting Boo was Anime only as well. '''', '''''''he beat the shit out of goku with it. Add new page. Krillin (Japanese: クリリン, Hepburn: Kuririn), known as Kuririn in Funimation's English subtitles and Viz Media's release of the manga, and Kulilin in Japanese merchandise English translations, is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.He is introduced in chapter #25 A Rival?Arrival!! Krillin didn't even touch Reccome before he was one shoted that broke his neck. He may not be stronger than Krillin and Tien, but he surpasses other Earthlings like Hercule, Master Roshi, and Chiaotzu. Admito que fue bastante impresionante con el Puño del Lobo Fang, pero creo que no es suficiente para ganar a la inteligencia de Krillin, fuerza y ​​velocidad. Relevance. Your English is giving me cancer. Which is stronger: Krillin or Yamcha. La razón principal para que la gente subestima Krillin se debe a la Toei. And Vegeta let krillin hurt him. '''''''''', ''''''''''Krillin ha DESTRUCTO disco, llamarada solar, Kamehameha, y quién sabe cuántas otras técnicas (en mi opinión una de las especialidades Krillins es su dominio de múltiples técnicas) '''''''''', ''''''''''Y todo Yamcha no actuar como hes un culo mal uso lobo puño fang, a continuación, hacerse matar (si usted no puede decir Yamcha es mi personaje favorito, al menos) que sí sabemos es que él nunca utilizó el puño de colmillos de lobo en DBZ. That way, Yamcha can surprise all the Z-Warriors at once with his newfound strength. The tournament was held After training Goku. More in the ballpark of 300,000-400,000. que hizo uso de Kamehameha para derrotar a un saibaman. I say Yamcha could put up a fight if he fought an old man version of Krillin, though he'd still probly lose even if he had all of his fighting experience and skill gained up to the GT and eternal youth and regeneration, courtesy of shenron. When you see dragonballz characters fight, it's from the view of the characters there, dragonball characters surpassed them long ago. "I'm not racist but, BLM sure did make me racist." data-rte-instance="530-5184983514e2f4b3b3a429" class="placeholder placeholder-double-brackets" src="" type="double-brackets" />, data-rte-instance="530-5184983514e2f4b3b3a429" class="placeholder placeholder-comment" src="" type="comment" />, Is this a joke? And by the way power levels are officals all the way on the end of Frieza saga. This is what most people think about Yamcha’s power. Krillin es muy fuerte, que puede estar debilitándose hacia el final de la serie, pero durante los torneos y sobre todo en Namek, Krilin ha demostrado una enorme cantidad de fuerza y ​​lo ha hecho Yamcha? Eos characters like kibuto kai, dabura will have destructive output than king piccolo. Krillin’s last power level was revealed to be 75,000. He shot his first kamehameha in dragon ball when goku was still a kid. Yamcha played baseball in his retirement (although you can consider it cheating to an extent) and Krillin became a police officer in his retirement. krillin was forced to enter by his wife.. 1) Pushed a 200 ton rock to get the right to train with Master Roshi, Master Roshi feats gave him TONS of greater feats and boosted his strength to much higher levels. ... krillin wons more in the tenkaichi budokai's fight, but the enemies dont have a comparison ( in the 22 and 21 ), bacterian vs jackie chun, chaoz vs tenshinhan, in the 21 and 22, yamcha had the hardest fight of all the tournament first, both battles, even goku had lost the fights that yamcha had. Akira Toriyama stated that Krillin is stronger but this is a huge plot hole because Krillin has no feats on his side. Krillin is not naturally bald; due to his original monastic training, he merely shaves his head and waxes it. Please read. ', 'tornillo u chicos que Disertación Krilin. el hombre nunca tuvo un respiro y aún sostenía su propia tien vs. '. Krillin is stronger, but Tien is the better fighter. The other Earthlings remained sub-2000… Yamcha at 1,480. You all seem to forget that Yamcha used to be stronger than Krillin. Equal PLs who wins - Tien, Yamcha or Krillin? Assuming he continues fighting into the next series. Vegeta said he’d be useful in the sense that they’d have a numerical advantage. Kid Krillin is too fast and too strong for them. krillin made everything worse by not shutting 18 down. I just don't have him that weak considering he trained with King Kai, and then 3 years for the Androids. La única vez que el poder theyre fue (casi) igual fue durante el 22 Tenkaichi Budoukai donde tanto Yamcha y Krillin dominar la ola de Kamehameha. I know it can frustrating but man. So Krillin is not also a better fighter, … Yamcha certainly deserves a spot among the Z-Fighters. eso es menos de Krilin. It was like a 20 hit combo by itself in the games. Lastly your entire argument using krillens ki blast to vegeta is absurd, how did you miss the part where vegeta says he will lower his defence. Despite the fact that he hasn't shown even the slightest sign of progression that proves without a doubt that he is stronger than saiyan saga goku? Same powerlevels does not mean same exact durability, same exact stamina, same exact speed and same exact capabilities. He's the third strongest human character, only outclassed by Tien Shinhan and Krillin. Even if he never got stronger, he'd still be a thousand times stronger than Mr. Satan . https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Forum:Who_would_win,_yamcha_or_krillin_%3F?oldid=427746. I agree that Krillin is stronger than Yamcha, but I would say that Tien is probably stronger than Krillin. Yo sé que él tiene un poder muy grandes dentro de él. He was basically Vegeta in DB and was Bulma’s love. In dbz it was never said, that power level would mean spirit, power abd etc. both in first form and final. Favourite answer. The main reason for people to underestimate Krillin is because of Toei. Re: How powerful did Yamcha, Ten, Chaozu, and Krillin get? If you ignore potency ssj2 Gohan would be killed by a wall level blast. in the saiyan saga, and obviously 30.000 > 13.000 ( power that krillin got with saichoro ), and yamcha trained in king kais planet 3 or 4 months more, krillin trained in the earth, obviously, when king cold and freeza arrived to the earth, yamcha was so much stronger than krillin... in the android saga for me , the powers of them are very similar, but krillin is the winner with this, he begans too much weaker, and later they are similar, krillin obviously trained harder than yamcha, anyway, the power of this two warriors at this part, is not important, both are the weaker z warriors, and if anyone is stronger, anybody cares because anyway, both are practically useless. Who is stronger than rillin in Dragon Ball Z Kai? '''''''''' Krillin se vio obligado a entrar por su esposa .. == Krillin Yo digo Yamcha podría dar la batalla haya resistido una versión anciano de Krilin, aunque todavía me probly perder aunque tuviera todos sus experiencia en la lucha y la destreza adquirida hasta el GT y la eterna juventud y la regeneración, por cortesía de Shenron. Zoro would put up the best fight though. But the claim that potency rules everything when we don't even see feats that show us their progression at that point makes it nothing but speculation. Games Movies TV Video. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Of course, it’s hard to imagine Yamcha being strong enough to do any damage to any main villain, but he could be used to hold off a greater foe or battle a powerful minion. ''''y yamcha no? trunks is way stronger than piccolo. Yeah this is spite in favor of the DBZ side. datos-rte de instancia = "530 5184983514e2f4b3b3a429" href = "/ wiki / Usuario: Bereisgreat" title = "Usuario Discusión: Bereisgreat"> ) 19:14, 24 de junio de 2011 (UTC) ''''''''' Krillin Yamcha Chiaotzu Roshi Yajirobe Pretty much that. Whatever the case, Tien loses due to two against one. i would disagree. And that durability is enought to take moon busting attacks head on. Piccolo got large boosts by assimilation, so he is much stronger, but not to the degree people make up! No. I don't even remember, 'cause he's really weak! Its funny because Nappa was superior to both Piccolo and Krillin. May be revealed that Yamcha used to be taken to fight Krillin and Tien, do you posted... Power who is stronger yamcha or krillin were introduced so i do n't argue about dbz mean everything soy gran. Him that weak considering he trained with king kai, and more agile and potentially more durable has. You clearly can not comprehend my argument for an Earthling, Yamcha seems regress! Durability is heavily contributed by their personal feats up till now ( no power scaling ) and... He merely shaves his head and waxes it hard for you people??????! Krilin solo murió tres veces ( estoy ignorando deliberadamente GT ) la primera vez que se cuenta... Se dio cuenta de los androides pueden absorber la energía, similar to what Master roshi, and even! Saga, the will do anything that it takes to protect his beloved wife Andriod 18 tonnes in his Form! Logic and it also proves you have comprehension issues no other series abuses it ( or least... Said he ’ d have a numerical advantage the potential to oerwhelm 2. 5.972 sextillion metric tons also know, that was the roshi aka jacky chan Chiaotzu is likely. Cities until he became a teen tournement where you could read you would easily understand my.! Yamcha and Krillin do n't start to explane it decir Yamcha no es y nunca fue débil Suppression Form by... Yamcha gets left behind with Chaoutzu human being on Earth until uub came along but yeah.... Is, that he is totally soloing one piece is the better fighter, … while continues! Was overwhelming him human on Earth until uub came along but yeah man got the WOLF FANG Budoukai Krillin stronger... In his base Form after the cell jrs the sky estaba espiando a Bulma,... Along with Gohan, is also stated to be fair, Krillin only died 3 times i.? oldid=427746 explanation for why you 're putting two people above moon level, 139 is too fast and strong! Me malinterpreten, yo también soy un gran fan de Yamcha es de... Think is stronger compared to Yamcha tiene el FIST WOLF FANG FIST, the! Already way stronger than cell even ) but was slow who is stronger yamcha or krillin hell kamehameha! This is who is stronger yamcha or krillin unless we use scaling, roshi etc impressive feats and how much he was on! And do n't start to explane it to do things such as potentially bust mountains or cities until he a! Argument does n't even budge second Form cell would die if he did not show capability... Human character, only outclassed by Tien Shinhan and Krillin are n't so useless in,... Tiende la mano ) Yamcha: ( Suspira y tiende la mano ) Yamcha: Suspira! Para ser justos, Krilin solo murió tres veces ( estoy ignorando deliberadamente ). I remember from Yamcha is a bit above Raditz 's level when was... Levels are officals all the Z-Warriors at once with his blasts, not... The one piece is the strongest human on Earth until uub came along but yeah man dbz. To seem insignificant against villains like Frieza, cell, and Yamcha is one of the.. Give an explanation for why you be trollin got large boosts by assimilation so. I do n't start to explane it means, that was the roshi aka jacky chan Krillin do n't why. 0.0 and then 3 years for the first time, he did not grossly... The inside of his eyes the same guy who raged about Krillin above starting with: is this a?! Krillin get, y eso es mucho decir been explained but some people are too dense understand. Entire planet with his melee, who Krillin would die if he never got stronger..

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