when is kiss a ginger day

December 25, 2020

window.fbl_started = false; January 12 is Kiss A Ginger Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to show them our love. Kiss A Ginger Day was BIG here too – I always get lots of smoochie gooey stuff from Mom but yesterday was a BONUS day! Hello Friend, today is Kiss A Ginger Day in Canada and the United Kingdom. xfbml : true, If you know a ginger, then kiss them on the cheek or lips – just be sure to get their permission first! And the year after that, it will be celebrated on January 12, 2022. If you are a ginger yourself, then feel free to treat yourself to a nice treat. We send a big thank you to all gingers for inspiring the art and films we love so much! If you have a favorite redhead, then consider showing them some love and giving them a great big kiss. Unfortunately, the MC1R gene is regressive – which means that it thrives in mainly rote and closed communities such as Ireland, Scotland or the coastal regions of Scandinavia. 17K likes. The purpose of this holiday is to […] Established in 2009 by Canadian Derek Forgie, Kiss a … This rarity caused a variety of myths and legends to develop about redheads during the Middle Ages which included everything from the belief that redheads are in league with the devil or that redheads turn into vampires when they die. Sort of an antidote against the bullying and prejudice that redheads often encounter on a daily basis. Redheads seem to be far less common than blonde, brunette, and black hair. You can read more about it, Scotland has the highest concentration of redheads @ 13%, Ireland has the second highest concentration of redheads @ 10%, Blue-eyed gingers only make-up less than 1% of the world population, Most Redheads have brown, hazel or green eyes, Bees are most likely to sting redheads than blondes or brunettes, Redheads have a higher chance of being left-handed, Gingers require more anesthesia during surgery, Redheads are more likely to be sensitive to hot or cold, Redheads have a higher chance of skin cancer. I know you may be wondering why I am writing about kissing a ginger but sometimes we have to take risks and figure out why this is a holiday. That’s because the gene which causes fiery locks is recessive, meaning you would need the gene from both parents for a child to have red hair. Take the time to enjoy their works on National Sticker day! This, in turn, gave them stronger bones and probably allowed them to survive childbirth. The following are the most interesting facts about the Kiss a Ginger Day that are worth sharing to other people: Holiday survey data is powered by TOP Agency. Kiss A Ginger Day!