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December 25, 2020

My solar system was installed on the 17/6/18 I’ve had no trouble since then .l apologise for not getting in touch with you before this. As we have always said it pays to buy from a local company that offers quality products backed by full manufacturers warranties. I found them to be very pushy, being a qualified electrician (retired) myself, many of the questions asked were misunderstood/misinterpreted, the replies were often crap. I bought a 5kw system from Eurosolar in 2014. I then contacted Euro Solar on the 04/06/2018 and i am now still running around after them. Ten workmen came around to install the panels with one carrying a single screw driver. Provided a company does not mislead its customers there is nothing wrong with competing on price or providing a “budget” option for people who are willing to take a chance on cheaper components. Despite Eurosolar having the installation on and completed by the 12th of Dec, and me recieving notification that Origin Energy had received notification of it being ready. We know the best ways how deliver solar products to customer. The ACCC has also taken action against Mr Nikunjkumar Patel for being knowingly concerned … Before reporting a review please read through our reporting guidelines to see how we evaluate and moderate reported reviews. I have phoned Euro Solar on several occasions asking for the money I paid above the installers price should be refunded to me. New in Store. Absolutely pathetic, 3 and a half years their system has been shut down for its so dangerous that every time I try to turn the system on it nearly blows my house up the inverter is so dangerous and since I purchased the system I now work in Building Surveying this company never got a building permit, planning permit the panels are illegally installed to close to the edge of the roof the inverter is not what I ordered they installed a dodgy none Australian built inverter re stamped with an Australian stamp such a dodgy company unbelievable should not be allowed to happen. Since that day I'm struggling to get it fixed. I am hoping that they don't respond by Friday 28/07/2020 then at least I will get a decent quality inverter via my insurance company at ZERO cost to me. We paid this and a few days later got an email saying that JFY is closed and it take 2 to 3 months for them to send a replacement. They installed the panels down one side of my tiled roof, now that we have several heavy falls of rain, I have had to replace my inside ceiling, as they left holes and cracks in the tiles, did not fill them and did not inform us, so naturally the rain came inside the roof. Sikkim Manipal University - Distance Education . Euro Solar seemed keenest to do job. Received 2 responses via your app with 1 price and only 1 visited my property. $9,161 - $11,197. When we make a referral we get paid by the installer. Ltd. was ordered to personally pay a penalty of $20,000 for his role in misleading consumers. On the 26th of September 2013 the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator required an enforceable undertaking from Euro Solar for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) they did not have the required documentation for. SolarQuotes does not and will never include Euro Solar as one of the installers who will contact you if you are seeking quotes. Yes it was cheaper- but what's the point having solar when it hardly produces electricity. Overall solar system is performing up to expectations. But they don't. STCs are certificates created as part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target for installing renewable generating capacity such as rooftop solar. I rang the company many times but they kept saying it's not their job to fix it, its installer's job but when I went with this company, I didn't know who was the installed or I never hired them and I paid the money to Euro Solar so for me it's their responsibility to sort this matter well I rang installer as well, was waiting from last 8 months and every time he's making excuses. But not only has Euro Solar been responsible for some sloppy installations, the company has engaged in dishonest and illegal business practices. Ltd. After taking my initial call and admitting this was a warranty issue, Eurosolar refused to accept any responsibility, continually telling me they will send the next available electrician to compile a report for the warranty. When someone leaves a review of Euro Solar on SolarQuotes we ask them how many kW they bought and how much they paid. We contacted the Fair Trade Ombudsman who after reading the contract given to us by Euro Solar, told us we were entitled to a replacement inverter, but Euro Solar would not take calls from the Fair Trade Ombudsman. Beware...once they have your money the service ends. Euro Solar is Australian based Solar Panel Company. They really hate that. When it comes to after sales service you're on your own. I spoke to their installer who told me he no longer works for Euro Solar as he has not been paid. Thank you Carl and your team for replacing the converter and panels after the event. PLEASE TELL Everyone To DON’T SIGN UP With EURO SOLAR. Last year in May when I moved into my house and the installation team came to do the installation, they gave me the bad news that only 11 panels can be fitted comfortably on the roof. The original installers came out to rectify these faults. They said if we pay up front it will be quicker for the warranty to proceed. IF you would like to speak a few PRICE BEAT ON A SYSTEM OFFERED BY SUNBOOST OR ARISE SOLAR fill your details out here. Euro Solar Claimed 15,044 Renewable Energy Certificates It Had No Right To. The Solar Prizes connect people who are paving the way into a renewable future with their innovation, commitment and hands-on work to make the #Energiewende happen. Company says it is a mistake, but future is clouded. You can contact with us by email or phone and we will respond within 24 hours. A bit early to rate install and quality of system but the assistants with applications etc have been really good. Join to Connect Arise Solar. EURO SOLAR - FLUSH YOUR WARRANTY DOWN THE TOILET. We also pledge to Donate $1 for every kW that we install from here on for coming 3 months to various authorities as needed. Axel Berg, Chair, EUROSOLAR Section GermanyGallus Cadonau, President, Solar Agency, SwitzerlandProf. I've never seen any euro solar installations but it seems like they couldn't be very good at the price you are paying, add to that who knows what gear they are going to turn up with and tell you it's great. Australia's biggest solar module retailer, Eurosolar, served with wind up notice from ATO. It has since been handed out every year to towns and municipalities, community businesses, associations or organizations, architects, journalists and individuals for their extraordinary accomplishments and significant contributions to the use and expansion of renewable energy in Europe. System size. The European Solar Prize 2020 was awarded to nine laureates fighting for the energy revolution. In August this year we recived an electricity bill for $1050 when we checked our inverter it was not working. You can't service a system from the opposite side of the country and if I had of known that they were only a temporary setup here I would have chosen a different company....warranties don't mean a thing if the company isn't here to do the work....3 failures in 3 1/2 years we have had them and not a great deal of difference to the power bill despite 28 panels and 5kw inverter. Paid Euro Solar extra to ensure 10 year Warranty on Inverter. Arise Solar (Out of Business) prices. Contact with us . In other words, Euro Solar panels were not made where they implied they were and Justice Besanko of the Federal Court found that these representations: “...were a central part of the respondents’ business and marketing strategy”. While I would like to think it is possible for them to change their ways, I do not believe they will ever change themselves to that large an extent. They offered the system at a price that could not be matched by the competitors. 6.9K likes. Four quotes from Euro Solar reviews mentioning these problems are:: “...system does not work properly and they refuse to fix it. Suntwins 5000TL. That’s why it is illegal. This company had drawn out my contract long time ago while my house was being built. We deliver solar products to all countries. Called again and they admit to us that it is not a new inverter but a remanufactured. After making numerous phone calls to Euro solar a contractor came out from Euro solar and found a supply wire had come out of the connector and had made contact with our metal roof causing the system failure. When we tried to claim within the first 5 year warranty period, Our contract has a 5 yr manufactures warranty on inverter plus 5yr extended warranty on the inverter, was first told by to send photos of the fault to them. Be detailed and factual in your report. There are a large number of recent Euro Solar reviews on the internet that are not flattering. Unsurprisingly I received no reply. $2.70. Average payback time. Update: On July 9 2018 ASIC published this notice: ASIC also lists a company called P & N NSW PTY LTD as holding the business name "Euro Solar". This was due to the cable being stretched because the wires are attached to the panel rail with cable ties not stainless steel clips as per Australian standards. In cooperation with EUROSOLAR's national sections, the winners are celebrated with a festive gathering in a different European city each year. As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan of Euro Solar. Claus P. Baumeister, Board of Trustees, EUROSOLAR e.V.Dr. Needless to say, they didn't get anything done on that day. The customer service is absolutely appalling. we’ve good reason to believe SunBoost Solar and Arise Solar are a more moderen brand of Euro solar. When India started on the solar mission, many skeptics called the 22GW solar-goal an unachievable dream.They believed fossil fuels could never be replaced. In the past Euro Solar has been hit with a fine of $145,000 for false and misleading conduct and also issued with a wind-up order from the ATO for failure to pay taxes. Now the server has been down for 5 months so we have to physically check the system every day when we were ensured the server would be up by now. Euro Solar worked with me for equipment selection and system design. We are in the hottest months were she should be getting a rebate and is getting nothing. Brought our system Sept 2014. Antonio R. Riverso, International Academy of Architecture, ItalyProf. All was well for 4 and 1/2 years. This has been going on for months....... Don't waste your time with this shoddy business and flashy brochures. And sales man ALWAYS had a sob story to why he didnt call back when he arranged time to call me. Those clients pay us every month for those referrals whether they make a sale or not. The European Solar Prize Award was established in 1994 by EUROSOLAR in cooperation with its national sections. Maybe you are the sort of person who likes to gamble, but I think the odds are stacked against you when dealing with this organisation. So 6 electricians have said almost exactly the same thing about this company and their products. Our aim is simple, to help our customers become as informed as possible about the world we love - Solar Energy. They eventually reduced the price to $250.00. Euro Solar. Must be the same as the one you used for the review. I was very happy with the system until it broke down. On the 21 July 2017 the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator required an enforceable undertaking from P&N NSW Pty Ltd (who hold the business name 'Euro Solar') for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates for 'non-genuine' Solar Panels that were not approved for installation in Australia. We are currently waiting for our new inverter to be replaced. Euro solar have asked about becoming a client, but we have always turned them down. After only 3 years since installation the output of the 24 panels had deteriorated significantly to the point of near zero production. So I reviewed 2 months ago. Report this profile About Experienced Solar Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Do not recommend them at all. There has been a complete breakdown of communication and I have just had the old - "oh, it's on its way, it's Solax fault" etc etc. Simply provide a lower priced written quote for a comparable stocked item to one of our friendly solar … Countless phone calls chasing up due dates and then no shows. I am lodging an action with QCAT, I have it in writing that they would honour their guarantee. Lt. $125,000 for: “...publishing fake testimonials and making false or misleading representations about the country of origin of the solar panels they supply.”. Ready for some quotes? Never recieved the call. Once they have your money you will never see it again, I had much trouble with them that I canceled my contact and asked for deposit back, haven’t seen a sent each time I spoke to them “ yes no problems will be a account by Friday “ I don’t know which Friday as it never came, not one cent payed $1000.00 deposit. Their technical knowledge is shocking and untrustworthy. red arrow = position of this company ( high is good ). If you are persistent it appears possible to get them to fix some problems, but I think you are far better off not putting yourself in a position where you need to hound them to do their job properly in the first place. Called them and she sent a technician out again and he verified that this one is not working. icarus26. L’autoconsommation solaire avec nos panneaux solaires I’M.SOLAR, ne coûte pas plus cher et vos clients réalisent de réelles économies sur leur facture électrique. Not even insurance work. We didn't realise until 3 months later. Chez I’M.SOLAR, nous concevons des panneaux solaires à haut rendement tout en respectant l’environnement et les Hommes. If the company you purchased your solar from is on this list and you need help with your system, or if you would just like to know what your options are, click here. LG Solar Power Systems FAQ - Everything you need to know about Solar LG has put together a comprehensive list of more than 250 solar questions and answers on the use of solar power in Australia and New Zealand. I warn everyone DO NOT GO WITH EURO SOLAR! If we don't have data for a particular size system (in kW), we won't show a price range for that size. System failed 4/12/18 promised a new inverter 6 months and still nothing company has gone into liquidation this company is nightmare. I assume the faulty panel goes back to the wholesaler and they get a new one. We has asked repeatedly for a different brand, but they refuse saying if we want a different brand it will be chargeable . checked panels and loads are burnt out. A year later I am still trying to get some resolution to installation of solar panels. The price range displayed is simply the minimum and maximum price that reviewers have reported paying for that size of solar panel system from Euro Solar in the previous 12 months.

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