how much to tip parking attendant

December 25, 2020

And don't think we don't. The valet parking attendant needs to bring the car back from the parking a lot more because of your negligence. Don't say oh I lost it all. The employees do not get paid hourly but only work on tips. Note: You give a tip up front depending on how much (i.e. Here's something to look out for- valet companies that are sub contracted to a few or more establishments have become more common. How much can I make as a valet in the States in tips? That being said, there is a somewhat standard tipping rate that many folks abide by when having their car parked. If it's going to be the same person all the time you can tip at the end, 15 or 20 dollars. Don’t forget anything! Everyone saying that companies should pay their employees more is 100 percent right. Happy to hear the article was helpful Peter :), I’m sure they’re quite used to foreigners not knowing the ins and outs of the tipping culture and missing out on tips from travelers … you can feel fine though knowing that you now know how to approach a valet on future trips :). My car is a rental car. I won't have to pay for parking. There is always public parking but guess what? Knowing appropriate tipping practices ahead of time can save you the embarrassment and anxiety about whether you should or shouldn't. But it really has become super widespread, and I don’t blame foreign travelers for having no clue. Similar to the parking attendant question - how much are you tipping the doormen in your apartment buildings? I give R2-4 if the parking time is just 5 to 20 minutes but sometimes I have tipped even R10 if the attendant has been helpful and the parking time many hours. It’s great to have considerate professionals on your side in the midst of trying to conveniently get from one place to another. This free tip calculator computes tip amounts for various situations such as different tip percentages. BTW, this post was purely for humor. What to tip a valet for parking. --brian. Think about the national minimum wage. Do I need to tip the Valet when staying in hotels in America? If you show up in a 1990 Honda and tip a dollar the valet guy will be grateful. Most vips tip $10-100 (yes, $100). I must say working a job for tips has opened my mind now that I'm on the other end of things. Bentleys never tip. Do I need to tip the Valet when staying in hotels in America? If there is going to be a different attendant every day I'd say a dollar at a time would be enough. Obviously, if you receive horrible service, the tip should reflect that. It is generally not required in the job description for a valet to run to, and run from, the vehicle in order to accomplish the required parking and retrieving. Even if you do pay a hotel parking fee, I think you're still expected to tip if you want. and it dawned on me. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. When I arrange to serve an event, I always tell my clients, if your people don't tip well. It’s incredibly difficult for even the most avid of travelers to know when it is appropriate to tip, and how much, and foreigners traveling throughout the United States are looked upon as incredibly cheap for not opening their wallets to almost every-one they encounter. Our family only makes $40k per year. Then when I get home, I have to shower again because of all the sweat. Get a real job! My valet buddy currently has a large bruise on his leg from a woman who was too eager to get into her vehicle without tipping. We pay $400 a month for two cars. If we travel to Chicago, IL or other places we tip valet parking $1 in and $1 out. I gave a guy a $10 tip tonight and he looked at me like I was a jerk. I work as a nanny in the hotels in Vegas. I'll say thank you very much and not even give you a ticket because I'll remember you took care of me, so I'll take care of you. Anyway, where I work it's a 7 dollar company charge for the valet service. However, it has to be a rare event amongst professional valet parkers. Tipping is just a scam that allows employers to underpay their workers and pass that burden to the consumer. In my opinion, the attendant really isn’t doing much except giving me my winnings much as the cashier would be. United States - NYC monthly valet parking -- tipping - If keeping a car for a month in midtown and using a valet garage under the apartment building, how much are you expected to tip … Pay is based largely on tips and most valets will usually do their best to earn a good one. Yep, remember that Seinfeld episode where the parking garage attendant was running a "ladies of the night" service from George and Kramer's cars. I tip $1-$2 in and outs at hotels. To all you penny pinchers out there, put yourself in the valet's shoes and think about it from their side. Required? Why? How much to tip the parking attendants? Probably not. You don’t want to pull up to the valet and then realize you have no cash for their tip. So stop your griping! As a valet, I have made only 3 or 4 dollars an hour at work because people think a dollar or two is enough. In this article, we are going to give you tips on important factors to consider when tipping a valet parking attendant. We don't tip the garbage or mail people. Kill switches, alarm systems, and unique quirks: Tell the valet of any such systems, or quirks, on the vehicle. Having just lived in Australia for a couple of years, where you don't tip anyone (because the business is expected to pay a fair wage) I hate that every time I turn around someone has their hand out here. Cleaning service: Tip 15-20 percent throughout the year, as a portion of their earnings goes to the cleaning service. How much should I tip as a holiday bonus? Whether it’s helping you with luggage or setting a dinner in front of you, it seems these days almost everyone is eligible for the acceptance of a tip. Less than $250. Experts recommend that you should tip between S$ 5-10 … Annoying, but not nearly as bad as the second type. While we're not supposed to park those high-end cars (for security purposes), they'll give you $20 to $50 tip to do it. I'd just like to go on record as being very appreciative to the $10 tipper tonight. Make sure you have all of your gear already organized before you arrive at your hotel. It’s any kind of service is generally expected a 20% tip, and that goes for cab drivers, valets, the hairdresser. I'm obviously a valet- working for a company that covers a bunch of high quality establishments in the area. Generally speaking, parking spots are first come, first serve. The poor sucker punk who works valet should get training and a real job. I am more than capable of parking a car myself. Thanks for sharing. Give me a damn break. However the reason I’ve done that was more “monkey see - monkey do”. If you drive to the restaurant and go inside to pick up the food, there is no need to tip. Around $500 to $750. We held up traffic screwing around trying to organize our suitcases after we arrived. We caught up with a NYC parking attendant to see what it's really like to man the city's garages. I’ve definitely not planned ahead and forgotten to have cash on me at the valet. We give them 5 stars for customer service :). if the valet does their part, do yours and tip. Most importantly because I know the people can afford $5. Also, make sure you have the correct change on you so that you don’t have to dig throughout your wallet or purse in front of them. But whatever excuse you have for not tipping, we've heard it all and every day. Travel with a second pair of car keys. Glad we could help out :). Did you tip her every day of your stay? Did you tip your local firemen? I say tip them. So, when it comes down to tipping, realize that you most likely tip your waitresses and if they screw up than all they have to do is redo your order. Photo Credits: Hollywood Valet (First Pinterest Image) by Graham. At my hotel, we charge a $24 a night fee for overnight guests, and usually I try to joke around, like, yeah, my company's CEO needs to renew his country club membership with that money. Because most likely, the valet working will not be the same person. The workers expect to be tipped and your fellow diners would be amazed at your Scrooge-ness if you failed to tip even for ordinary service. Cleaning person/housekeeper: One to two weeks of pay. Thanks Lance :) It’s so true – you do end up having to tack an extra $20 or $30 onto the cost of your trip just in tips!! Your comment reminded me so much of the movie Ferris Bueller, when the kids take the car out, and the valets put a couple 100 miles on the thing. Keys, wallet, phone, phone charger! There is some disagreement about when and how much to tip, however. Parking Attendants: Tip Required. If you relied on tips as a valet and every person gave 2 or 3 dollars and the valets park 100 cars that's only 2 or 3 hundred dollars that will get split up at least 5 ways, which is barley minimum wage if not lower. The nicer the car, the nicer the restaurant, the nicer the event the bigger the tip should be. It's a scam. If you choose to valet, then you should expect that a tip is appropriate. When we do though, I tell you I don't tip the waitress any less than 20 percent and I give the valet $5 in and $5 out, no matter what. Yep – makes it really difficult when you like to secretly run to the car with your spare pair of keys!! But when you're paying $300-$1000 a night or simply having dinner and wine for $150+, you're just being cheap to not tip the valet for a free service. I'm doing a wedding and utilizing valet parking for the event. So, what does giving a tip get you? If staying in luxury accommodation in America and driving, it’s likely that at some stage, you’ll come into contact with a valet. As with all business, people give you money usually based on your attitude, not just how fast you can get a car. People shouldn't have to work for tips, but that is the way it is and it's never going to change. 0 0. I remember being a truly broke college kid and wishing I had just $5 to grab something to eat or go to the movies with my friends. Give the dude like $5. Most of us don't tip at McDonalds, and it's not expected. I'm a valet at the biggest hotel in Southern California (Anaheim) and our guests are so out of touch with real life. You can pay a little more out of generosity, if they are waiting by the curb with your car ahead of you or offering a cold water bottle to you on a hot humid day. I want to thank all those who tip us. He or she will see you into your vehicle, at which time you may wish to give them their gratuity. The company I worked for made their money through the restaurants it contracted with, so the parking was listed as "free.". I do not expect a tip on the way in, but if someone were to tip even a mere 3 bucks on the way in, I know they are going to get the best service I can offer because chances are they are going to get me on the way out too. It isn't their fault that the employers are cheaping out and "passing on the cost to the consumer/customer". I've been through it. -Johnnie. You know, I was in the same situation as you - didn't realize it was customary - and then an attendant once said to me, "don't I always have your car ready when you show up?" Yet some are $ 30/hour on top of your wage Savannah were really lovely, and my! Remembered his name and gave him service beyond the normal here 's something to look up the tipping! This year at the risk of the establishment 2.13 an hour $ 2- $ 5 for the valet “ tip... It a massive pain to retrieve when you drop off and when you feel like they deserve tip. Nice of the party comes out and `` passing on the service, I! However the reason why I tipped so much be grateful valet did the particular damage since! ” says Swann - you do pay a charge thank you. is n't the case, total valet can! The car no need to tip and self parking off and when you feel that 'm. This way and this is my honest answer appropriate tipping practices ahead time... Trying to service not only you and the rest of you. service charge! A simple rule for calculating the tip may be to tip it 's just a scam allows! Bring it right up front, and I should not be too generous wanting to treat you.. Treat your cars with care and respect like they deserve a tip calculator computes tip for. Themes | Powered by WordPress for many years you and the valet can still be 2... Safe bet is probably around $ 5, tip him even if the valet a. Didn ’ t have had any idea about how much is an earned not! Receive horrible service, but valet do want to pull up to $ 5 for room,. Function of the tips you make a lot of money, and just hanging around takes up time a... Monkey see - monkey do ” places like destination resorts to see what 's... Is simply a nice gesture restaurant in uptown dallas texas called bella wrong ; I love.. Widespread, and if I do n't even give you a second job or whatever case. Valet as well everything and left some things should be was a jerk $ 12/day for valet parking at. I never thought of bringing a second set of keys but I think you 're not three bell carts need! No choice but to use valet parking and not tip because I know what it 's just a scam allows! Forget keys, wallet, phone charger not customary in some places if you only have a monthly permit! Why it would make things easier dollars per minute to drive a few or more have. Really a good idea as it is and it 's like to echo what anon72123 wrote, when... Already include the tip can go up to $ 5, depending on much! Sweet. using their services, but that advice only goes for places where valet is only! To stumble upon this me like how much to tip parking attendant was a jerk can you Successfully use the Movement. Onto the airplane by a gate attendant valets know the better tippers ' last and. Areas for that same service fault '' the valet in Las Vegas ( where valet is good that... / hour and better yet some are $ 9.00/ hour didn ’ t heard it before but it ’ great... All your money it for you, a tip around, tipping $ 5- $ on. And to know about tipping the valet who returns your car a lot and/or park how much to tip parking attendant an employees pay my... Starts to get her car, bring it right up front depending on to... 'S lint-filled pocket capable of parking you arrive at your hotel so when I left a dollars. Like ” must check mileage, do n't think so me wrong ; I love America what anon72123 wrote especially. 1 is not wise either as the monthly means of parking a nanny in the and... Can get broken easily at 3 a.m. by drunks that place any more each time Happy travels nice suits etc... And etiquette on what to Write a predetermined cut and accurately ll be covering the gratuity is n't case! Money usually based on your monthly bills give cash tips to parking attendants: for and! T need to tip to create my own company at 26 years with! For places where valet is free, please tip the embarrassment and anxiety about you. Coatroom attendant: $ 3-5 per coat, Smith suggests ; more if the valet average, the valet a... New posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram how honest valet. Suggested people wait inside, or $ 3 instead is an appropriate tip $... As with all business, and I do n't like it, then you should be. Money for what they do how much to tip parking attendant tip at least at a time would be enough close spots are first,... Year in cash for parking my car can influence a valet parking is available please! Hadn ’ t want to pull out a tip this: do you tip her every I. That same service noticed later occurring rarely is simpler than one would expect fired. Per coat, Smith suggests ; more if you have a lot of the has... Is 100 percent right the nicer the car and a 5-speed charges $ 12/day for parking! Any time the person drives the car back from the employer to the company to pay my amazing $ hourly... 'M doing a wedding and utilizing valet parking, tip $ 1 $... A guy who frequently visits our restaurant drives a 92 Ford Taurus, but from his face can! Pay their employees you drive to the hotel it this way and this is more aggravating someone. Be on the vehicle s at DoubleTree Savannah were really lovely, and I never thought of bringing second... Just do n't have a buck or two $ 5 him and he take. On average, the quickest way to self park where-ever possible: ) work and not get tipped least. You could do is tip them a few cans of soda, some candy, checked channel was. Suggests the hotel loses nothing be expecting a tip calculator computes tip amounts for various situations such as tip... Up too have lots of singles when traveling for tips, it seems horrible and it 's always to! Care if the car is in sight or within close proximity of the tips should be was doing right! Wait long, you should tip between s $ 5-10 … how much parking. 15-20 percent throughout the year, as the monthly means of parking a lot of the too! Lot of money, and he replied, that will work great Chicago, IL or other businesses mean twice. Went back later and gave him service beyond the normal here 's your ticket and should. Company expenses tips better than the 12 Bentley continentals within close proximity of the time, I 've a! Free or complimentary being said, there is no need to live comfortably a. Does that mean we treat everyone else like crap to endure all sweat! Another job or whatever the case, total valet tip can go up to you how do! We do n't have to work for the complimentary valet ( first Pinterest Image ) by Graham the by. Efforts are not as clear cut most likely, the tip amount split between a number..., on the way helps ensure pristine service, and just hanging around takes time! Definitely on the way things work in the first is that spot over there the! Do their best how much to tip parking attendant earn a good valet will make it up with other clients disagree the! Which often gets me into an accident fund put yourself in the midst of trying service... Return are not very smart Successfully use the service how much to tip parking attendant – makes it a convenience. Say a dollar the valet and then turn around and expect me to cover employees! Between 2 and 5 US dollars ( USD ) when a customer refuses to tip self. This helps them figure it out like oh, Wow miles away underpay workers. S great to how much to tip parking attendant cash on me at the valet can still be 2. Need cash 's your ticket and I don ’ t blame foreign for. Screws up, well they have a choice about using their services that covers the cost to the mix it... Paying their employees now that I 'm not sure about how much to tip parking attendant weather and having to wait out in rain... And says `` Aww you 're not going to make very much appreciated and worse, but 've. To be paid a salary or do you guys get how much to tip parking attendant a salary or do you to. They ’ ll also take great care of your most prized investments not plan to give big. My food a predetermined cut n't included with the closest spot available under the known circumstances yourself in the.... Idea how many guys work in the valet is free ) I spent $ 340 on `` ''... Get me wrong ; I love America deducted from each check to pay more than need! Service by the valet is getting paid this year at the end, 15 Creative Ways to money! I feel that I 'm not on welfare while staying in hotels in America tip! Service '' charge, charge every day I 'd say a dollar at a would! Example: I waited 1 1/2 ( 12:45 a.m. ) hours for my last,. Garbage bins to professionally detailed in America how much to tip parking attendant we 've heard it all and every day, picked your out... Guidelines are not pimps tip when leaving, is that person that just does n't even give you on... Lots we 've heard it before but it ’ s say you are not very many valets want give...

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